Shek Lo

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 22:53

Notice the hill in the background was bare.  Trees & bushes were cut for wood-burning stoves.  The hillsides were burnt regularly for fertilised soil.

The pond in front of the house was widened in the 60s.

Peter Tsui was the architect & contractor of his own house.  It was a fusion of the East & West.  The colonial-style front porche & European big windows with shutters were complemented by a roof of rural Chinese mansions; Chinese interror layout; a Chinese doorway with a sliding timber gate; and a kitchen at the back with a woodburning stove which had a huge wok.  At the annex building, a beautiful hardwood floor was installed upstairs to serve as a party room for the teenage sons.  After the War, HKU Alumni held its first dance there when hardwood dance floor could not be found anywhere.

Shek Lo was built on a piece of land calved out of the adjacent lychee orchard Lok Yuan (Happy Garden).  It was an orchard of Pang Lok-saam, a founder of the Christian Hakka Village - Shung Him Tong (Worship Humility Church) Village in the midst of what is today Lung Yeuk Tau (Head of the Leaping Dragon) Heritage Trail.  Pang & Peter Tsui formed the Luen On Tong (Alliance of Peace Association) from which the name of subsequent market town of Luen Wo Hui (Alliance of Harmony Market) stemmed.  Pang Lok-saam, a lay preacher, became the first Chairman of Heung Yee Kuk. 

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