1930s Kowloon Tong

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 22:43
Date picture taken


I was walking around KT the other day and saw that there are still some of the original houses around.

Edit: One of the houses seen above (immediately behind the bus) is still there, albeit with the upper balcony blocked in.

Original KT house on corner of Rutland and Cumberland

From the direction of the lion rock mountain and the coordinates of the road. It seems to be the current Essex & Cumberland road. The house with the black roof top( second on the right) is still there though.

Greetings.  In the main/top photo, the view along Cumberland Road aims at somewhere between Lion Rock and Beacon Hill, which matches well from looking at the 1952 contour map and 1956 street map.  Though not a technical point, this area is how I remember when I rode my bicycle here in the 1950s.

At Cumberland and south of Essex, the road is more aiming to the north-northeast hence closer towards Lion Rock.  The 1956 map shows a triangular shape garden at this junction, and there was no garden at Rutland-Cumberland.  Regards,  Peter