Any ideas where this is

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 21:18

I wonder if anybody has any idea where this picture may have been taken. It is from the oldest part of my family pictures some of which will be appearing here shortly. It may not be Hong Kong but could be Mcaua or Canton. See other pictures.


Date picture taken


I can't read the middle two characters, but it seems to be the premises of a Japanese Company. I suspect the address is written on the right hand side but the picture resolution isn't quite defined enough.

Maybe T can help with the name?

I'm no expert but I would guess Macau. The style of verandha in the background is quite similar to stuff that can still be found there. There just isn't enough information from the environment to be able to say with any confidence though.

Best bet is to see if anyone can identify the company name, and perhaps it will reveal an associated address.