Governor's Residence Boundary Stones

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 20:19

This Governor's Residence Boundary Stone used to be located on Harlech Road, Peak but today it can be seen resting in a flower bed near the main entrance to Government House on Upper Albert Road. It was one of several boundary stones erected in 1910 that marked the former Mountain Lodge (built in 1902 and demolished in 1946), the home of the Governor's Summer Residence.

Another Governor's Residence Boundary Stone sits in Victoria Peak Garden, the site of the former Mountain Lodge.

Governor's Residence Stone - Site of Former Mountain Lodge











Please see this link:

for an update on the Governor's Residence Stones from the 2007 Archaeological Interin Report of Mountain Lodge. There are old photos of Mountain Lodge and the Gatehouse, maps and information on recent excavation work conducted.


Date picture taken
27 Jul 2009