Naval Boundary Stone #7, Site of Former Royal Naval Hospital, Wanchai

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 20:18
Date picture taken
1 Dec 2007


Unless, the stone has disappeared, it can be viewed at pavement level on Queen's Road East by walking west from the junction at Stubbs Road towards the entrance of Wah Yan College. Another stone can be viewed here The stones demarcate the former location of the Infectious Diseases Hospital at Mount Parish.

It is opposite the bus shelter in front of the St Joseph College Primary School across Queens rd east. If you walk  up the steps besides the primary school, you will see the bus shelter blocking the sight of marker stone. Without the shelter blocking the view, you can see it directly opposite the staircase on the other side of Queens rd east. Go around the shelter and cross Queens rd east, you can easily locate the stone on top of an embankment behind a 4-foot stone wall.