Tai Po Old District Office (North)

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 20:03

The following text is taken from the bronze plaque on the side of the building.

Built in around 1907, the Old District Office (North), Tai Po, was the earliest seat of the civil administration of the New Territories (N.T) after its lease to the British.
District Office (North) was the authority for administration, arbitration and land registration of the area that lies to the north of Tsuen Wan in the N.T. Early infrastructures for the N.T, including developments of roads and electricity and water supplies, were planned in this building.  The District Officers were also responsible for land registration and held certain judicial powers.  Until 1961, the building had housed a magistrate's court. It ceased to be the District Office in 1983. From 1988 to 2000, the Old District Office (North) had been allocated to the Environmental Protection Department as its Tai Po Branch Office.  It has become the N.T East Regional Headquarters of the Scout Association of Hong Kong since 2002.
The Old District Office (North) is a typical colonial-style structure of the early twentieth century situated on the crest of a mound.  Finished in fine red bricks, with open verandahs and horizontal brick lintels along the east and west elevations, it is both dignifying and elegant in appearance.  Except for the inevitable internal alterations to enable it to cope with expanding staff and functions, the building has not been significantly altered.  Antique fireplaces in the rooms are still well-preserved, which bring out the historical character of the building.

The Old District Office (North) and the adjacent land were declared a monument on 13 November 1981 and is protected under the Antiquities and Monuments Ordinance.


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1 Jun 2006