1966 Peter Lisle-Taylor's photos

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 19:49

Photo courtesy of Peter Lisle-Taylor

Date picture taken
1 Nov 1966


Notes from Peter:

The two images of the black white and buff funnel ship is the ship I was on at the time, the "City of Colombo", she belonged to the Ellerman Lines and traded between the east coast of UK and NW Europe to the Far East. The first image is the ship at anchor off Kowloon and the second [MrB: this photo] is on one of the Kowloon wharfs loading general manufactured goods for the UK from barges, sampans and from the wharf on the other side of the ship.

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Just bumped into this photo from random photos.  I think I recognize a few building behind the godowns.  The location is more or less somewhere around the present day 'China Hong Kong City'.

On the left close to the edge shows the Canton Road Married Police Quarters.  To its right is Lai Chak Middle School (this location since 1955).  The hill by the right and behind would be part of Whitfield Barracks.

The school still exist but the Married Police Quarters had given way to private housing estates.

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