1960s Sun Ya Hotel & Ritz Cinema, Nathan Road, Mongkok

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Looking North

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Thu, 11/08/2007 - 05:51

Beautiful photo. If the sounds of these cars would come back to life, and them and the people continue their way, I would love to relive history so that I could see grandma again who lived three blocks away, and sit in Ritz one more time.

Received via email:

From the 1960s US Serviceman's Guide to Theatres in Kowloon; (Addreses as given):

11. Paramount Theatre, Shantung St;
12. Majestic Theatre, Nathan Rd;
13. Princess Theatre, Nathan Rd;
14. Astor Theatre, Nathan Rd;
15. Star Theatre, Hankow Rd;
16. Broadway Theatre, Nathan Rd
17. Gala Theatre, Argyle St
18. Ritz Theatre, Nathan Rd

On the map provided, note the cluster of theatres in the vicinity of Argyle St and Nathan Rd.
Attached are 1960s photos of the Broadway and Paramount Theatres (today's Mong Kok HSBC and  Bank Centre respectively).