1930s Wanchai Reclamation

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 19:30

Received via email. The first buildings are going up on the recently completed reclamation. At 4 o'clock in the photo you can see the Royal Naval Hospital, just visible behind the trees. More information about the hospital here and here.

After the 1920s Reclamation, Praya East became Johnston Rd and Gloucester Rd became the extended waterfront.

Date picture taken


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You could also make out many streets between Queen's Road East and Johnston Road starting with Wanchai Road right next to the tree, Stone Nullah street, Tai Yuen Street...........

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Been looking for shots of No. 70 & 72 Kennedy Road (now Amber Garden) .  Nearly got it!!! It would have been to the immediate left of the Hysun Lee family home (now Bamboo Grove)  at the lower left hand corner of the picture.  

Anybody out there who might have old pictures of Kennedy Road?




I date this photo to 1947. I am not sure whether or not it shows the area that you are looking for.

1940s Wanchai & Admiralty


Hello Moddsey.

Many thanks. This is it!   Finally got one which shows our family home (now Amber Garden).

It was No. 72 Kennedy Road lower above the garden between the Hysan Lee garden.

Would you be kind enough to share with me the original file of this photo?



As I have posted the photo to gwulo for comparison., it would be best if you provide your email details to the administrator of the website for a copy of the photo.

As you seem to know more about the mansion, I would appreciate if you could provide us with more information.