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List of people

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Alias / nickname Given Familysort descending Maiden DoB DoD Sex
Norman Charles Barber 1899 1945 M
Thomas Charles Barclay 1895 1950 M
Solly Solomon Bard 1916 2014 M
Samuel Barff 1828 1897 M
H T Barma M
Frank Henry / Francisco Henrique / Franciscus Henrique Francis Henry Barnes 1875 1944 M
Jimmy James Ivor Barnes 1904 2008 M
John Barnet 1900 M
J P Barnett 1902 M
E B Barron 1897 F
James Forman Barron 1910 1987 M
Katherine Eleanor Barrow 1912 F
Oriana Elizabeth Barrow 1942 1942 F
John Edward Barrow 1890 1959 M
Norman F Barrow-Sullivan 1920 M
Frederick Charles Barry 1899 1952 M
Esther Maria Barton Xavier 1895 1983 F
Alec Charles Barton 1922 1963 M
Daniel Joseph Barton 1938 M
John Anthony Barton 1929 M
Terence St John Barton 1925 2000 M
Wendy Bernadette Barton 1928 F
Jacqueline Ann Barton 1933 F
Rosemary Angela Barton 1934 F
Peggy Margaret Barton 1923 2016 F