Unsolved mysteries

Submitted by David on Thu, 04/02/2009 - 09:00

Readers often leave questions, most of which get answered quickly. But there are always a few that are more difficult to answer.

Here are some of the most stubborn - please can you help answer any of them?

Also, from time to time we're asked to help identify the location of old photographs. Here are a few that we're still not sure about:

Thanks in advance for your help.

If you've got any mysteries of your own, leave a comment below and we'll see if we can help.



Hi Everyone,  I'm semi new on here, but think I've looked at other Gwulo posts before. I have decided to continue a mammoth task of searching for photos / info linking adoptees / orphans.  I don't know if there's such a category for my  quest. 

We span a large era from  late 1950s - 80s.

I realise searching a more specific time would  be easier.  But just thought I'd post this question incase anyone had contributed to this. 

I have some info/ photos on  Chuk Yuen Children's Reception Center,  Po leung kuk, Fanling Babies home..But more would  be very much welcomed,  there are a few of us with missing puzzle pieces...

regards  and best wishes for a better Yr of the Ox 2021.

An adoptee on a mission 

If you look at these searches they show pages that mention orphan or orphanage:

And here are the pages for specific orphanages, as a list, and on a map.

You're welcome to add information / photos to any of these pages, or to make new pages for orphanges that are not listed yet.

Regards, David