Photos of old Hong Kong and the tales they tell - Volume 1 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong
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Photos of old Hong Kong and the tales they tell - Volume 1

This hour-long talk takes you on a trip around old Hong Kong, using photos from the early 20th century.

This is the first talk, and has photos grouped into four sections:

  • Who, What, When & Where?
  • A peep into a family's album
  • Changing Central - 1880s til 1960s
  • Fashions

Instead of a static Powerpoint presentation, I use high-resolution scans of the photos so we can zoom in on their hidden details. At the same time I'll be telling stories of the people, places and events the photos show.

Here are the photos I use in this talk. You can click any photo to see a more detailed copy, and notes about that photo.

Who, What, When & Where?

We'll look at the different ways we can investigate a photo's story, starting with ...

What is the connection between this photo and a courting couple?

Where was this building?

Why were these men so happy to be in Hong Kong?

When did this procession take place?

An easy one to identify


A peep into a family's album

When they visited

What he did

What she did


Changing Central - 1880s til 1960s










Warm fur, icy look

Practical dress

On the lookout

From bayonets ...

... to brownies

Tram fashions have changed too


The presentation takes around 50 minutes. After that I'm happy to answer any questions the audience has about the photos and stories.