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No flour therefore no more pasties

The Maryknoll Fathers report that the Japanese have announced a loan from the Imperial Government - about HK$105 for each internee, with $30 to go into communal funds. They also discuss their bread ration:

Our one piece of bread, issued daily or every other day, seems also to be dwindling in size, and becoming darker in color. At present our piece of bread is about three inches long by about one inch wide. Incidentally, the bread which we are getting is being baked at the French Hospital and we are getting it through the good offices and hard work of Dr. Selwyn-Clark (sic), the former head of the Hong Kong Medical Department, who has been allowed his freedom so far.


Maryknoll Diary, April 13


1) For a discussion of the source of the loan (which is unclear) see http://gwulo.com/node/12879

2) Technically the bread was being baked at the Qing loong (Green Dragon) Bakery in Wanchai by bakers living at the French Hospital.

100,000 cigarettes sent into camp (Globe) 3 pkts per person

Germans fighting rearguard action on their own soil. Malayan battles progressing in our favour?

Duck eggs.