Ching Lung Bakery [????- ]

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Current condition

In 1941 it was at 41, Queen's Road East.


The Ching Loong Bakery became an Ng family-owned limited company in the spring of 1947.  On May 18, 1963 an Emergency General Meeting of the company decided to apply for liquidation. The company anticipated being able to pay its debts in full, so this was not a bankruptcy case. By now the entire family had British nationality and some of the younger members were living abroad or planning to, so my guess is the founders wished to retire and there was no-one to take over the business.



I am one of the sons of Ng Iu Cheung, the last managing partner of the Bakery. I was born at that address on Queen's Road East, Wan Chai. But that photo is not of that street. I am still searching for a photo of the main bakery or one of the branches. There was a branch on Queen's Road Central which later became Dragon Seed Company, a department store.