Ma Wan Chung [????- ]

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Another small village situated next door to Tung Chung. No doubt to be absorbed into Tung Chung as the latter continues to expand.

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Booth writes that after leaving Tung Chung Fort:

We walked indian file across more paddyfields, keeping to the paths that ran along the tops of the narrow dykes dividing the fields. On either side, rice stubble projected from hardened mud into which the hoof- and footprints of buffalos and humans had been impressed.

Here's a photo of the walk, from the Booth family's photo album:

Hiking to Ngong Ping on Lan Tau

Notes from Austin Coates's report:

MA WAN CHUNG, 297985, pop. 84, including 3 seamen and 2 men working in Hongkong. Hakka. Surname: Fung. The family came from Waichow and evidently arrived shortly before the lease of the New Territories. About 30 of the inhabitants are bright-light fishermen, owning several sampans. They ship their catch direct by ferry for sale in Hongkong. 31 taochungs. This is the coastal village at which one is landed on arrival by ferry.

There is also a floating population of about 80.