Imperial Hotel [1960- ]

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Address: 30 Nathan Road. Notable Restaurant: Tokyo (Japanese)

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For unknown reasons, the original foundation stone for the Imperial Hotel now lies on the ground at the side of Sha Tin Heights Road:

Re: Foundation Stone 
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By chance, I came across an article about the foundation stone of the Imperial Hotel in the China Mail on 20 May 1959. See here, scroll to Page 10.

The foundation stone of the Imperial Hotel was laid jointly by Mr. Peter Cheung, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mann Yip Development and Mr. Candido P. Soriento, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Imperial Hotel Co. Ltd., on April 30 (1959).

Further information on Gwulo here. Any chance of adding a photo of the foundation stone on this blog?

This is where the foundation…
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This is where the foundation stone you mentioned lays... I remember uploading photos I took to the old version of gwulo, perhaps not in this discussion but in an individual tag at the specific place, yet I can't find any tags at that place anymore. I don't have a copy of the photo in my cellphone for uploading.

43 大埔公路- 大圍段

Thanks for the Location 
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Thanks for sight of the location.

Thank you for the information re the foundation stone.

Peter Cheung, who laid the foundation stone at Imperial Hotel was my father. He passed away in 1984.   A few years ago, I went into the Hotel looking for the foundation stone, but could not find it after searching at a few obvious locations.  I am guessing that the hotel had undergone some renovations and the stone was removed and dumped.

I still have photocopies of some pictures taken at the stone laying ceremony plus the original invitation card.