US Carrier

Mon, 05/06/2024 - 21:28

Open day....visiting a US Carrier in the harbour,not sure which one it was.

Date picture taken


Looking at the photo, the "island" is of an Essex-class carrier, however, I'm pretty sure that's Mt Davis behind, so the ship is docked out beyond Kennedy Town. that means it has to be Midway or Coral Sea.
The identifiable numbers on the aircraft are 408 - a Vought F8 Crusader belonging to VF-154,
and 908 - a Vought F8 Crusader belonging to VCP-63

NB: those code numbers were on several different aircraft, 408 is currently on Flickr marked VF-124

I checked the cruise-book, VF-154 and VCP-63 were on the USS Coral Sea in 1964.


I'm confused.....I thought it was Coral Sea but comments against pictures in my 1960s Gallery by marlowe

suggest it was Constellation.I only recall one visit with my dad to this ship,so perhaps I took a photo of the other carrier being in the harbour.

Yes, I'm often confused, but the picture I identified as USS Constellation, has F4 Phantoms of VF-142, and if you look closely at the picture, the planes have the words "USS Constellation" written on them, and the number "64" is written on the Bow.
The 1964-65 Cruise-book shows VF-142 as part of the company, and there are many pictures of planes with Tailcode "NK"

The "island" of a WWII vintage Aircraft Carrier, and a 1960's aircraft Carrier are quite different,  Constellation looks like an office block.


The cruisebook for USS Coral Sea shows planes with Tailcode "NL"

No question, pictures of two different Aircraft Carriers.

Looks like 2 different aircraft carriers that I've snapped in the harbour,perhaps on other days.

I certainly bow to your superior knowledge of these things that's for sure.....thanks Marlowe for sorting it out