$104,400.00 in 1918 - what is it worth in today's money?

Tue, 03/12/2024 - 11:56

This was typed out in 1918 by the Supreme Court of Hong Kong, Probate Jurisdiction.

I have looked at inflation calculator websites for historical conversions but I cannot work it out.

Can anyone give me an estimate of how much $104,400.00 back in 1918, is worth today?


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I'll have a go...

Page 49 of the Federal Reserve Bulletin for Jan 1920 shows exchange rates from 1918-1919. In July 1918, the rate was USD80.5 to HK$100. So HK$104,400.00 was equivalent to USD84,042. (Though the exchange rate fluctuated a lot that year, so the USD amount could be roughly 10% higher or lower depending on the month you look at.)

https://www.usinflationcalculator.com/ says that USD84,042 in 1918 is equivalent to USD1,727,179 in 2024.

Admin - THANK YOU for researching the historical information and then working the amount out for me. 

It confirms that my great grandfather died wealthy in 1918.