Richard J Cloake (Dick)'s beloved typewriter

Wed, 02/14/2024 - 00:20

Pictured is Richard J Cloake (Dick)'s beloved typewriter, he's only possession when released from Stanley Internment Camp after the war. Shortly after returning to Brisbane Dick was right back at it whilst working for the Telegraph he found himself writing as a stringer for the post until the 1960's. 

Richards Daughter would like his Typewriter to go to a good home. Expressed interest please comment below 

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A couple of possible directions would be to either look for an organisation with a connection to Dick, or an individual that loves old typewriters and would value the story behind this one.

He worked for the South China Morning Post, so they are a possibility, though I'm not sure if they have any heritage archive.

St Stephen's College at Stanley formed part of the Stanley Camp. Today the college have a heritage gallery displaying items from former internees, so they could be interested.

A quick search on Google find these possible contacts for individuals, or

Good luck, and please let us know what you decide.

Did Dick leave any written diary or memoir of his time in Stanley Camp? If he did, it would be great if we can add it to the Wartime Diaries project.

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