Left-wing schools' education and 1967 riots sources

Submitted by Bongcloud on Sun, 02/04/2024 - 11:09

Hi all, I am a student from secondary school (Grade 9) in Hong Kong doing a history report about left-wing schools' education and the 1967 riots. However there are few resources about the left-wing school, such as Heong To Middle School and Piu Kiu Middle School. 

I  will go to the CUHK library for more resources. Apart form them, can anyone suggest more information or resources about the schools and the riots, especially primary sources? Thanks!

I was a student in MFS in 1967, a short walk down the hill from Heong To.  Apparently some students were making "homemade pineapples (grenades)" up there and one exploded.

In 1967 spring, I rented a room in a flat that was diagonally situated from Pui Kiu. I wanted a quiet place to study for my final exams at HKU. Looking out the window of my room, I could see into the classrooms of Pui Kiu. Every morning, the students would check into the school by showing some sort of identity cards. There were no class going on the whole day. The students spent their time in class reading newspapers, singing military songs and shouting slogans. One day, police came and closed the school. Apparently, the students were making explosive devices ("home made pineapples") in the chemistry lab. There was an explosion and at least one student got his arm blown off. The school remained closed and shortly after I stopped renting that room. 

The excellent book “Colony in Conflict” which covers the 1967 riots in detail, contains information on left-wing schools in Hong Kong during that period.