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Left-wing schools' education and 1967 riots sources

Submitted by Bongcloud on Sun, 02/04/2024 - 11:09

Hi all, I am a student from secondary school (Grade 9) in Hong Kong doing a history report about left-wing schools' education and the 1967 riots. However there are few resources about the left-wing school, such as Heong To Middle School and Piu Kiu Middle School. 

I  will go to the CUHK library for more resources. Apart form them, can anyone suggest more information or resources about the schools and the riots, especially primary sources? Thanks!

1967 riots primary sources

Submitted by mcshkdk on Sun, 01/21/2024 - 22:21

Hi all, I'm an undergrad student conducting primary-source research on the 1967 riots. I'm based in the EU, so I can't access the HKPRO and the HKPL's ground archives.

I'm looking primarily for the 1966 Kowloon disturbances report of the Commission of Inquiry, as well as the 1967 Hong Kong Disturbances internal government report.

Archives of the SCMP, the Far East Economic Review, and the Standard from 1966-68 would also be ideal. Basically, any clippings, photographs, scans etc. you might have that are related to the 1967 riots! Thank you so much.