St. John Ambulance Brigade Hong Kong Island Headquarters [c.1935- ]

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Opened on 10 May 1935 by H. E , the Governor, Sir William Peel.

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Inspired by the original monastic Order of St John, the English Order founded a St John hospital in Jerusalem and, during 1887, created the St John Ambulance Brigade in London, England. The Brigade was based on a military-style organisation, featuring uniformed disciplined members and a specific hierarchy.

Nowadays the organisation is international and generally operates in Commonwealth countries doing general health service things, unlike the more widely known Red Cross which operates in war zones around the world.  The organisation is funded by grants from charitable trusts and statutory sources, and its emblem is the eight-pointed white Maltese cross.

In Hong Kong the St. John Ambulance Association was established in 1884, followed by the Ambulance Brigade in 1916.  Its headquarters building was opened in Tai Hang in 1935. 

St. John in Hong Kong provided emergency medical service to the British Hong Kong military during the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong in December 1941.

After the sovereignty changeover in 1997 and to enable St. John in Hong Kong to exist as an independent organisation free from the direction of the Order of St. John in the UK, a new Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Incorporation Ordinance was enacted by the Legislative Council on 27 June 1997.

Today, under the leadership of the Commissioner, the HK Brigade has a strength of over 6,000 volunteers, who are trained to perform public duties in ambulance services, first aid services and as a cadet service.  SJAB Hong Kong is unique in also offering a dental care for the handicapped service.

SJAB Headquarters Tai Hang, still stands today, serving also as an ambulance centre. 

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