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Date picture taken
25 Sep 1903


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There is a date mentioned, on the last line (that is, the one by the left).  The Month and Year are September 1903.  Uncertain if it was the 5th, 15th or 25th though.

Others are not fully recognized.  But there is a phrase saying the guy was caught on 24th May, couldnt read the year.  He was "on display" for three hours on the mentined date.


My scan of this particular postcard is titled "Hong Kong - Exhibition of Criminals in the Streets". Sold by O. F. Ribiero. Hong Kong No. 37.

Date of Offence: 24 September 1903. 

The man named, Cheung Fat, a house coolie of Mr. A Weil (residence 11 Seymour Road), was sentenced to 12 months hard labour, six months for theft of Mr. A. G. Goodwin's jewellery and clothing and another six months for appropriating the wearing apparel of a female servant. He was "given a seat" in the stocks for 3 hours near the Clock Tower.

The Hong Kong Telegraph and Hong Kong Daily Press dated 25 and 26 September respectively provides more information on the case. 

The date is Sep 23, 1903. The man was arrested the day before for his crime at X Yang (can't make out he first word). He was made to sit there for 3 hours with this plate before him.

”香港巡理府X 為市刑X
另 監禁一年苦工

照得 鄭達 於九月
廿四日在X港 (blank)地方被差捉拿解案審訊之
下 查他係犯偷金不留表報之
罪 故特飭差解往犯事

一千九百零三 年九月廿五日示“

Rough Translation,
"Hong Kong Magistrate X Market Penalty X
Also imprisonment of 1 year hard labour

Investigated that Cheung Dat was arrested by police during Sep 24 and
taken to trial; result was stealing /taking valuables without permission.
Thus ordered police to escort him to where the crime took place, with penalty of
cuffing him with signage in public display for 3 hours

(*Market Penalty - The offended being displayed in public with a signage detailing his/her crime, sometimes with shame parade or/and flogging
X= unidentified word)

香港巡理府 施為市刑處
另 監禁一年苦工
照得 鄭達 於9月24日在本港 地方被差捉拿解案審訊之下 查他係犯偷金子與錶銀之罪 故特飭差解往犯事之處枷號三點鐘之以示眾
Location where the Hong Kong Magistracy implement public display / humiliation (市刑)

Plus imprisonment of 1 year with hard labor

 Cheung Dat was arrested by police in Hong Kong on Sep 24. After trial, he was found to have stolen gold / silver/ watches. Police thus escorted him to where the crime took place, with penalty of cuffing him with signage in public display for 3 hours.

Notice on Sep 25, 1903.


Cheng was most likely Eurasian.


Thanks to everyone who helped investigate this. Here are the two newspaper reports mentioned by Moddsey.

p.4, The Hong Kong Telegraph, 1903-09-25:

A NATIVE was arrested on one of the Canton steamers yesterday evening for being in possession of a trunk containing a considerable quantity of clothing, two gold rings, and two watches. From inquiries made by the police it was ascertained that he was a house-boy and that the property aforementioned belong to his employer, Mr. Arthur Godwin. At the Magistracy this morning this unfaithful servant was sentenced  to twelve months’ imprisonment, and to be exhibited for three hours in the stocks.

p.2, Hong Kong Daily Press, 1903-09-26:

For theft of miscellaneous property from a house where he was employed as coolie, a Chinese at the Police Court yesterday received twelve month’ hard labour and was ordered to be exhibited in the stocks for three hours. He was placed near the Clock Tower. The example made will perhaps have a good effect on others of the same fraternity.