From Kowloon Dairy - 2nd location, view of Kai Tak airport

Thu, 12/29/2022 - 23:02
Date picture taken


Great view of Kai Tak!

It looks to be taken from the top of the ridge of hills at the back of Kowloon, so the Kowloon Dairy will be somewhere downhill in the middle-distance.

Happy New Year!

Clear Water Bay Road circled around the North-South runway, then straightened itself on the photo's left side (about one-sixth width inside the photo).  The uphill junction was a short distance south of the bend, and a few hundred feet north of the end-point of the East-West runway.  This puts the junction about those buildings appearing as white roof.  Kowloon Dairy is to the left but out of picture behind the hill.  OldTimer