north point east asia bookstore

Tue, 09/27/2022 - 00:43

North point estate. Looking at Shu Kuk  street (書局街).

First shop on the right is some unknown company. Second shop is a bookshop called East Asia Bookshop (東亞書局). Third shop is a kindergarden called Lai Kwong kindergarden (麗光幼稚園)

Date picture taken


Thanks Simtang! I went to this kindergarten (麗光幼稚園) for a few months when I was 3, then I think I hopped across the street to another kindergarten for another few months.

Lai Kwong Kindergarten was on the ground floor in the western block (西座) of North Point Estate. If I remember right, there was another kindergarten across the street in the middle block (中座). I forgot its name though...

When I turned 4, I started riding the school bus to Rosaryhill School (玫瑰崗幼稚園). then squatted in Saint Joseph's Primary School (聖若瑟小學) in Wanchai for 6 years.

Sigh...the pressure of getting into a good school in HK was always crazy, even in the 1970s...


I didn't live there but I liked to go to that bookstore and stared at the books in the glass cabinet on the wall behind the counter at the entrance . I didn't have the money to buy them:)

haha, i felt your pain too!

around 1978, a mobile library truck would show up next to that bookstore on fridays. my school ended around 12:30, and i would head to that truck to borrow books by louis cha and gu long

fond memories, boss!