Pre-WW2, policemen at Hung Hom Police Station

Wed, 08/10/2022 - 13:58

The western man on the right in the front row, with sergeant's stripes on his arms, and indicated by an arrow, is Fred Kelly.

This photo was kindly supplied by Fred's niece, Mrs Brenda Bradbury. She notes that Fred went on to live in New Zealand, Australia, and England, and that in later life he suffered from beri beri as a result of living in Stanley camp.

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They wear different uniforms. There were British, Indian and Chinese uniforms. Well, rather Chinese policemen were plainclothes.

Apparently the picture was taken in front of the main entrance of the police station facing south as shown in this 1935 map.

There are some steps in the middle and the policemen were posing in front of the right side of the southern facade of the building.