Victoria School Sports Day at the Army Sports Stadium

Fri, 04/01/2022 - 15:56

The person in the foreground was my sister, Jennifer.

Date picture taken


There was an Army Sports Ground at So Kun Po as mentioned here It was used by schools for football and sporting events. The white building with the distinctive six front-facing rectangular openings can be viewed here at top right and was located next to the South China Athletic Association Stadium. The side wall of the white building can be seen here at extreme right. There is a building under construction in the background. I am sure a fellow contributor will follow-up on this clue. 



Since reading your reply I've searched through my Mum's folder to see if I could find any reference to the name of the school without success. I knew I should have it in my memory. Just now I've received a really helpful post that immediately rang a bell and solves the query - it was Victoria School. 

Thanks for the reply. Had a feeling it was Victoria Junior School as it was close by to your residence as one could walk down Tramway Path. I presume the lorry service was for the gathering of school children for access to Victoria Barracks and the School.

I only just started going to school before we left for home and know I was a bit frightened of going on the lorry.

This process is wonderful. The tremendous help from people like yourself connects all the individual photos in the slides to give me a real insight into our lives in Hong Kong. I can't thank you enough.