1975 Queen Elizabeth visits Hong Kong

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Notes from Hong Kong Memory:

Queen Elizabeth II arrived in Hong Kong with her husband Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh) on the afternoon of 4 May 1975. Over the following two days, the royal couple visited Hong Kong City Hall, Morse Park, Oi Man Estate, the train station at Hung Hom, the University of Hong Kong, the Kwai Chung container port and the industrial area in Tsuen Wan among other places. They also enjoyed the city’s first firework display since the 1967 riots. The Queen and Prince Philip departed Hong Kong on the morning of 7 May.

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Mention is made here of the Queen visiting a market stall in Central. I recall it was the Graham Street Market. A reference here in the Royal Collection Trust to the unscheduled stop at Graham Street Market to chat with street traders and merchants. The search function of the Collection is not user friendly. But here is a similar photo.