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Named after: The naming of the street cannot be ascertained. Some said that it was named after James Graham (1792 – 1861, later knighted and became Sir James Graham), Secretary of State for the Home Department (1841 – 1846). Some believed that it was named after Lieutenant Colonel Fortescue Graham (1794 – 1890, later made a Major General), who was a senior Royal Marines officer, serving for 62 years and commanding the marine battalion in the wars in China and Europe, including the First Opium War (1839 – 1842) and Crimean War (1853 – 1856), while others may think that it was named after Henry Hope Graham, who was Captain in the 1830s, Major in the 1840s and Lieutenant Colonel in the 1850s. His time in Hong Kong can be traced back to the early 1850s. In 1855, he was appointed Justice of Peace. In 1857, he assumed command of troops and was appointed a member of Executive Council. Source: http://


  • 184?: Situated in one of the earliest settlements on Hong Kong Island.

Other points of interest:  

(1) An open-air wet market. Graham Street Market extends to neighbouring Peel, Gage and Stanley Streets.

(2) Historic Building Appraisal of 26A-C Graham Street can be read here


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The name "Graham Street" is already in use on the 1845 map, so as Henry Hope Graham didn't reach Hong Kong until the 1850s he seems an unlikely candidate.