James MCDOUGALL (aka Sonny) [c.1914-1991] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

James MCDOUGALL (aka Sonny) [c.1914-1991]

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c.1914-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)
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James McDougall
James McDougall, by Mark Collins
Civilian pass for Kai Tak
Civilian pass for Kai Tak, by Mark Collins

James was a private stationed in Hong Kong in 1940 with the Royal Scots: 3053495. He married before the war we believe MiMi ( last name given as Fung) as he returned to her post war and it is anotated that she is his wife living at 304 Jaffe Road ( Wan Chai?) on being released from Kobi.

During the War he was hospitalised very early in the invasion at ST Pauls Hospital very likely due to injuries on the Gin Drinkers Line or Golden Hill.

He is listed as being POW and at ShamShuiPo camp before boarding the LIsbon Marie. Surviving this he was taken on the Washington Maru to Moji.

James was one of the 12 that attended the fundraiser at the Queens pier for the chinese islanders/ fishermen who had helped save them from the Lisbon Maru.

James and MiMi had 4 children post war Robert, Stuart, Carol-Anne and MeeMee. Robert was Christened at English Methodist Church, Kennedy Road

James worked for the Star ferries as an inspector certainly from 25-10-1950 living at 37 Ashley Road (G.F.) Kowloon. We understand they also had a 'amah' orau pair at this time

They left HK in some haste in 1954 - arriving in the UK 24-12-1954, unfortunately both Meemee (days) and the MiMi (months) died very soon after arriving in the UK.

We would be delighted in any other information people have on their lives in Hong Kong, inparticular any links to MiMi's family. We know she had a sister who married a British man who also moved the the UK known as Minnie.


Do you have any documents that show the Chinese characters for MiMi or Minnie's names? That could help with your search for their family.

We dont have any documents, I appreciate the difficulty with this. She was Known as Mimi Susan Fung, and her death certificate mas in her married name of Mimi Susan Mcdougall.

Many thanks for your suggestion, I wish we did!

Her death was registered at the George Square Edinburgh registry in 1955 and her age at death was 33

Many thanks, yes we have that and cause of death, also little MeeMee's certificate. Difficulty is bridging the HK side of things with contacts or records. Thats difficult at the best of times let a lone the fact it covered the occupation.


Thanks you to eeryone who has looked out for us and replied



Hi Mark, 

James McDougall was a member of the Kobe House concert party. He was part of a group of prisoners who called themselves 'The Mad Gang'. My grandfather was also a Kobe pow and part of the concert party. I have a card that was made for my grandfather whilst a pow and signed by 'McDougall (Mac). I'm not sure how to upload photographs on here but contact me if you wish to have a copy.




James McDougall

Dare of Birth:12/12/1912

Birthtown: Invergordon 

Nationality: British 

Date of capture: 25/12/1945

Date of liberation: 06/09/1945

Information: SPH 15 December 41, Lisbon Maru

Rank: Private

POW camp: Shamshuipo 

Other POW camps: Osaka 2b

Service number: 3053495

Profession: Regular Army

Duty location: Hongkong

Next of kin: Wife: 340, Jaffe Road, Hongkong (not interned)

Service: British Army

Primary unit: Royal Scots Fusiliers

Secondary unit: 2nd Battalion 

Source: Ron Bridge's collection, British and Imperial Prisoners of War held by the Japanese WWII FEPOW; WO392/25


Name: J McDougall 

Incident details: Reported to the War Office Casualty Branch for the 24 hours ended 09:00am.

Incident date: 11/10/1945

Information: Casualty List No. 1881. Previously shown on Casualty List No. 901 as reported Prisoner of War now Not Priosnwer of War. Previous Thetare of War, Hong Kong.

Rank: Private

Service Number: 3053495

Regiment: Royal Scots

Battalion: 2nd Battalion

Source: WO417/98


Name: J McDougall

Incident details: Report Date: 05/11/1940

Information: 9

Rank: Private

Service number: 3053495

Duty location: Hong Kong

Date of Court Martial: 01/05/1940

Plea: The accused entered a plea of not guilty.

Nature of charge: The accused was charged with "Theft".

Sentence: The accused was sentenced to 42 detention.

Regiment: Royal Scots

Battalion: 2nd Battalion 

Archive reference: WO86-98


Name: J McDougall

Date of Action: 25/12/1945

Fate: Missing

Incident Details: Reported to War Office Casualty Section for the 24 hours ended at 09:00.

Incident Date: 15/01/1942

Information: Casualty List No. 721

Rank: Private

Service Number: 3053495

Duty Location: Hong Kong

Service: British Army

Regiment: Royal Scots

Battalion: 2nd Battalion

Archive Reference: WO417/36


Name: J. McDougall

Fate: Prisoner of War

Incident Details: Reported to War Office Casualty Section for the 24 hours ending at 09:00.

Incident Date: 13/08/1942

Information: Casualty List No. 901. Previously shown on Casualty List No. 721 as Missing, 25/12/1941

Rank: Private

Service Number: 3053495

Duty Location: Hong Kong

Service: British Army

Regiment: Royal Scots

Battalion: 2nd Battalion

Archive Reference: WO417/48