Benjamin Robert STANFORD [1843-1892]

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Benjamin Robert
Birthplace (town, state)
Howrah, Bengal
Birthplace (country)

British shipwright in Hong Kong. Admitted as partner of J. MacDonald and Co., shipwrights Hong Kong 1868 (although on Hong Kong Jury List for 1863 already working for same company) and then the business carried on under his own name from 1st Janaury 1874. He was declared bankrupt by June 1876. He later worked as a probationary lightkeeper in Shanghai appointed 01/04/1883 but was shortly discharged from duty 1st June 1883. At the time of his death in 1892 he was living with a Japanese woman in a small shanty near Fandin-go with his occuaption documented as a boat builder. 

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India Select Baptisms

Benjamin Robert Stainford (sic)  born 12 December 1843 Bengal India Baptism 12 January 1844 in Howra  son of Robert William Stainford (sic)  and Anna (sic)

However in the same record are:-

William Kent Stanford born 19 January 1832 baptised 13 March 1838 Calcutta son of Robert William Stanford and Hannah (sic)

Joseph John Stanford born 30 July 1837 baptised 13 March 1838 Calcutta son of Robert William Stanford and Hannah (sic)

Lydia Stanford born 5 November 1838 Baptism 1 January 1839 Howra daughter of Robert William Stanford and Hannah (sic)

Zetland Masonic Lodge Hong Kong

Benjamin Robert Stanford shipwright initiated 4 October 1867 aged 24

Marriage R C Cathedral  10 September 1870

Benjamin Robert Stanford to Eliza Jane Baker aged 19 daughter of Alexander and Ellen Baker

Baptisms RC Cathedral

21 September 1871 Eleanor Maria Stanford child of Benjamin Stanford and Eliza

20 January 1873  born Alexander Robert Stanford child of Benjamin Stanford and Eliza

16 January 1875 Eliza Agnes Stanford born 10 November 1874 child of Benjamin Stanford and Eliza

Carl Smith Card 143825

13 June 1876 Benjamin Robert Stanford bankrupt

Carl Smith Card 143817

Letter from Mrs Stanford of Cork requesting birth certificates of two of her children

Massachussetts US Boston Archdiocese Roman Catholic Sacramental Records

Eliza J Baker born 15 June 1851 baptised 16 June 1851


Chinese maritime customs service record

  • ID: 3248
  • Surname: Stanford
  • Forename: Benjamin Robert
  • Nationality: British
  • Date of first appointment: 01/04/1883
  • Position on first appointment: Probationary Lightkeeper
  • Date withdrew: 01/06/1883
  • Port on withdrawal: Shanghai
  • Position on withdrawal: Probationary Lightkeeper
  • Mode of withdrawal: Discharged


British Supreme Court for China, Intestate memo books register record

  • ID: 245
  • Piece no.: FO 1092/261
  • Year range: 1887-1905
  • Surname: Stanford
  • Given name or initials: Benjamin Robert
  • Page: 71
  • Transcription query: Place of residence
  • Any notes: Lived with a japanese woman in a small shanty near Fandin-go
  • Date of death: 1/05/1892
  • Occupation: Boat builder


 British Supreme Court for China, Probate records, Index records

  • ID: 3434
  • Piece number: FO 917/590
  • Surname: Stanford
  • Given name: Benjamin Robert
  • Date: 1892