HK 14 Bowen Road Dad, Ian and Ceri c.1957.jpg

Sat, 07/04/2015 - 07:04

Father in the garden at 14 Bowen Road with Ian and Ceri, (my brother misidentified the girl as Jane Wood)

Date picture taken


This image is of me (Ceri Chisholm) my father Alexander Chisholm (Alex) and my brother Ian, in the garden of 14 Bowen Road. This suggests that the date is at least 1957 ( I was born in February 1956 and Ian in March 1954). 'Jane', also born in 1954, was the daughter of 'Ken' Wood and his wife Pauline. They lived in the upstairs flat at this address. She features in other photographs of Ian Chisholm on this site.