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KGV School 1962-1964

I was born in Hong Kong in 1948 and  was a pupil at KGV Junion School in the 1950s until I was sent to boarding school in England aged 8.   I then returned to Hong kong and was a pupil at KGV School between 1962-1964.   My name was then Janise Walker and I lived in St Georges Mansions, 141 Argyle Street.   I wondered if there is anyone out there who would remember me and perhaps get in touch via this site if that is possible.

My father was Guy Walker who you had an article publised about his war years as prisoner of war  in Hong Kong.   Apparently someone had unearthed this document from Zetland Hall, the Masonic Lodge.   It was very interesting reading this article as I have the original.

Would also love to see some old photos of the China Light and Power Company which was orignally based by the waters edge and that is where I was brought up in the flats.

Brilliant paper


Janise Rutherford


It was great to read your news, Sheena, and I'm so glad to know that you and your family are all doing well despite all the virus problems in the UK!

Yes, we had a lot of fun back in those days - do you remember when we hired bikes and went up Stubbs Road and down Blue Pool Road? I think my thighs are still aching from that ride cheeky

Anyway, if you are in touch with Jenny, please pass on my love to her. 

Keep well and stay healthy!



Hi No

what were we like.  Unfortunately I don't remember that which perhaps is just as well.   Does anyone remember Tony Tebbett who also lived at St. George's mansions?   Also Pam White who's father was in the police and lived near the Peninsula hotel?  
Does d as myomeres remember seeing The Beatles in Hong Kong?  I remember just screaming the whole time.
good that we are all getting in touch after all this time.

take care 


Thanks for the photos Nona.  We had one at some point but I think Mum must have disposed of it.  In the first picture, the person on the right next to me is Isobel Rudge and two away from her is Joanna Tarr, both friends of mine.  I recognise Barbara Gabriel and in fact saw her in 2018 when I went to HK.  She lives in Bali now.

No baby yet.  Em is dreading Monday when her dreams of a home birth will be shredded and she will have to go into hospital.  The authorities won't let her go over 12 days late and she is already 9 days late.  Fingers crossed for the weekend.



Hi Marilyn

I hope you will be a grandmother this weekend! Sending lots of positive vibes to you and Emma for a quick delivery laugh

Re the Sheko notation ... I remember going to your parents' house when they moved to Sheko but I don't remember visiting you guys when you lived at Bluff Path but I could be wrong.  I left HK in December 1974 so wouldn't have been able to visit your house in Sheko in 1979!!

I've been looking for a particular photo album since your above comment as I was sure it was taken at your house in Sheko for a Boxing Day Open House your parents held. Do you remember at all? The picture is of Fiona Parsons, John Hunt and me (attached below)!

I had a good laugh when you spoke of the Sexy Six! I can't remember who the boys/men were on the team but I do remember what fun it was wink 

Were you playing the night we were playing against -- and I can't remember the team's name but John Edmonds was in it? John flung the bowling ball so hard down the alley that it hit the coolie at the end who was the one putting up the pins!!  The coolie downed pins and went on strike!!!surprise

I seem to remember Alan Stevens having a word with John and he got him to apologise to the coolie and promise not to fling the ball down with such force again so peace was restored and we continued with the match.  All very exciting!!  Howie Edmonds might have also been in that team but I'm not sure.

I think you're quite right about shoulder problems nowadays being due to all the bowling we did as young 'uns! I hope you don't suffer from crappy tendons due to the Sexy Six laugh

So back to the photo ... it was taken at your house in Sheko, wasn't it? 

_1968-12-26 at Wards Open House.jpg
_1968-12-26 at Wards Open House.jpg, by Nona


Hoping you will be welcoming little pumpkin into the world soon!!



Oh wow that was funny ! I have heaps of my Dad's 8mm film I will have to look through to see if I have anything interesting

Thanks for that 

Take care


Hi Sheena
It is so exciting reading all the posts. Sheena, I am just checking to make sure you received the email I sent to you.
I did it straight away as soon as I received your address

Hope it got to you

xx Carolyn

Hi Nona

Another gem from the Parks archive!  I was at that Open House on Boxing Day (at least I must have been because I was going out with John Hunt at the time!), but that photo was taken at our house in Repulse Bay.  We rented that same house twice with the Bluff Path house in between the two.  My parents decided to move back to Repulse Bay the second time because they couldn't stand the fog up the Peak! I think the person striding purposefully towards the camera is Chris Little, who had been my boss (and good friend) when I worked for him at IOS, which went spectacularly bust shortly after and made world headlines.  Sadly, Chris died in January after a battle with cancer.  He became quite a media personality in the UK, having owned the literary agency that discovered JK Rowling.  He was a great character and one of his sons has written back to me after my condolence letter to say that he'd like to get together to discuss IOS as he is fascinated by what happened.

I don't remember the occasion when John Edmonds scored two extra pins at bowling, but remember almost doing the same myself.  That poor little chap - I wonder if he got danger money.  Did we have chaps on our team?  I thought it was only girls and I am wondering if Pauline Aylward was one of them.  I can't believe we can't remember!  You don't think we're getting old do you?  We had lunch over at John E and his partner's house near Sandbanks a couple of weeks ago and when the weather settles, we will have them over here.  They are about an hour's drive away.  I have to go on Youtube and find a tutorial for idiots on how to upload photos from my phone and elsewhere and post them on my computer.  I basically loathe technology and wish we could go back to posting letters, the telephone and the fax machine.  Life was so much easier then.  

Marilyn x

AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!  Marilyn - my head is about to explode!!! Repulse Bay now? My God!! I don't have any recollection of going to Repulse Bay for that open house  ¯\(ಠ_ಠ)/¯

I remember that the house was built with large granite blocks and it faced the sea. Your folks didn't rent Eucliff, did they? (Joking!!!! cheeky)

We had to walk to the front door down the side of the house and I'm sure Carole pointed out her bedroom window which was on the first floor near the corner of the house. Does this description make any sense to you or was it all an elaborate dream I had years ago?? I just can't think of why I am so fixated on Sheko! Am definitely getting more batty in my old age !!

No, we were definitely 3 girls and 3 boys in the Sexy Six and Pauline didn't play in it. In fact, I don't think she was interested in bowling, but I could be wrong. No, Marilyn, I don't think we are getting old - let's just say we have ALMOST reached maximum maturity wink

Stay well and healthy!




Hi Nona

I haven't been called "Howie" for the last 40 yrs or so.!! I was not part of the bowling teams - either at boarding school (up to '68) or thence down in Sydney. Also, the last I heard from Alan Stevens in early 2020 was that he was in Perth. 


Howard laugh

What a wonderful surprise to hear from you, Howard! Do you realise that it has been 53 years since we last talked to each other? I remember you invited me to the Peat Marwick mess for a "Purple Party" so I always assumed you were working for PMM after you left school/uni! Is this true?

So - dear Pasha Edmonds - I will always think of you as Howie and not the very adult-named Howard and I do not mean that as any insult! It's just how I remember you and all of us in HK during the 60s and 70s  cheeky

Alan Stevens must be quite old now! I am a total recluse these days and don't go out and about if I can help it. If Alan is here in Perth then we aren't mixing with his circle of friends laugh

August 17 Peat Marwick mess2.jpg
August 17 Peat Marwick mess2.jpg, by Nona

Hi Carolyn

No, I haven't received an email from you. I have had a look in my Junk folder and found loads of emails from Gwulo saying people had posted on this topic but nothing from you. 

It has been fun reading people's recollections from the 60s. I can't believe it was that long ago!




Hi Janise! I remember you well. We were good friends and had fun times together.  I am Kristin Aagaard,  a Norwegian. I am back in Norway now, but I really miss HK and Asia. I left HK for Norway i 1965.  In 1984 I wad so very lucky to move back to HK with my husband and 3 teenagers. Our 2 daugthers went to KGV  talk about coming full circle! After 5 years we moved on to Manila for 3 years and then to KL for another 3 years, and then back to Norway. I retired from my teaching job 6 years ago. We have 7 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren, they keep us young and busy! I have kept in touch with and met up with Marilyn Ward, Carol Gough and Jose and Suzy Barros. I am thrilled to see so many  dear snd familiar names here. I have often wondered where everyone went to.

Stay safe,  love, Kristin

I came across all these messages yesterday when I was looking up Brook Bernache and Chuck Sloan from the early 60s.  It was marvellous to see you dancing at Nona's party - so tall and elegant always.  We have lived in Javea for over 20 years - in the Port - and love it here.  

Lovely to read all of you actually, not sure how to use this forum so forgive me.  I agree with all of you, Hong Kong was a magical place and we had a charmed life there as teenagers indeed.  I have been back 4 or 5 times and as one of you said - it has changed so much, but you can always find the heart beating as it did when we were younger.  It is still a thrill to take the tram from one end of the island to the other, sitting at the front on the top and passing the old buildings.  

When my parents died (in the UK) I threw out loads of films which could have been converted - now I realise many would have been enjoyed as they were history.  I never settled back in the UK. Met my husband in Hong Kong when he worked on the first Cross Harbour Tunnel.   Married in South Africa in 1973 (still same guy and although he has Parkinson's he is doing very well now we have a new Neurologist), lived 22 years in Canada, then retired here in 1999.

Things that come to mind - KGV Friday Night Club and the Kontinentals;  the incessant broadcast message on the car ferry; the first time the Canberra and the France came into Ocean Terminal; the feeling of landing "in the water" at Kaitak;  the low-flying planes over school; the quadrangle; St. John's Church Youth Club and the Mash Potato and the Twist;  the journey every morning down to the Star Ferry and then a bus to school, or if there were enough of us - a taxi shared;  the Star Ferry is exactly the same as it always was, same smell, same sounds, gangway still lowered and the boats are still going strong;  ah the Cricket Club and Saturdays with Billy Tingle and trips to Silvermine Bay;  Marilyn Ward, Kristin Aagaard, Nona Parks, Mary Miller, Trudy Miller, Carole Ward, Gwen Forrow, Rosie Bunting, Gopal Lalchandani (what a cricketer he was) and of course Leslie Harvey, Tony Tebbutt - I could go on.  I have to thank you all for jolting my memory.  Will find some pics to add.


We lived at 11 Plantation Road and you lived a few buildings away.  Do you remember jumping buildings?  Couldn't even think of it now.  And sliding down the monsoon gutter at Hillcrest.  The wonderful old path we could walk to the Peak Tram Station?  The totally bombed building site we could play on.  How about the steep road up to our apartments?  My mother had just learned how to drive and got stuck with her gears in the middle of it - panic!!!!!  I think I have a Peak School picture of us all, will dig it out.  How convenient it was, just down the road with our little rattan baskets.


Hello Chris Kilbee.  Amazing, we (the Goughs) lived below you when you were a baby, at 11 Plantation Road.  Dorothy had a piano I remember. I also remember your father in his Navy Whites on New Years day looking very dapper.  I have a photograph of us (you with your baby amah, John and myself) somewhere.  I don't know how to upload photographs on this forum though.  Glad to hear you have stayed in Far East.  Hard to get out of your blood.  I am thankful I met my husband in Hong Kong because he understands where I came from and who I am inside.  Best wishes to you Chris.  Carol Gough (Clayson)  

Ah Nona - we did loose touch and I was sad about that.  Re: the photograph I do believe it might be me on the right of Howie's shoulder?  I have photographs but don't know how to get them on the forum.  Do write soon.  Lovely to find you again.  Love, carol

Hi Janice.  I don't remember you but as Marilyn wrote - my husband Dennis has Parkinson's (probably 16 years now) so I know a little about how your days are!!!  If you want to correspond and want to "talk". Stay Strong and look after YOU.  cheers, carol x

So Mary did you marry that lovely Reuters Guy who was a friend of Len Port.  I can't remember his name, however your married name now is different so I guess it is a different guy?  Do you remember the FCC (Foreign Correspondence Club) - what a great hang out.  Before Trudi started to go out (and eventually married) Len Port I was with him and remember the flat in Sheko very well - I must have been 20 at that time.  Memories are flooding back now I have found this forum, The Back Bar being one of them!

Hi Carol, please follow the steps at to upload your photos.

Regards, David

Dear David

Thanks so much for the very helpful link and more than that - thanks so much for an excellent website and forum.  I promise not to put too much chatter now as people have my email address.  I think, perhaps, Hong Kong comes into my head at least once a day.  There is a tie and bond which will be there forever for me.  Cheers, Carol 


Hi there Carol

I had the worst virus on my computer all those years ago and lost your email!!

Please can you write back to this email address ...  nona(dot)pioulski(at)gmail(dot)com?

Would love to reconnect with you heart

I have written and given my email address.  Meanwhile already am in contact with John (Stewart) Sloan and Chris Kilbee. I have found some photographs and will try to upload them.   


I arrived in HK in August 1965 and quickly became involved in the HK Crusader class, a Christian group. Most of the kids were pupils at KGV, such as Carol and Robert Wood, Hugh and Claire Jagger, Stewart Alyward, Stuart and Robin Gill, and many others. Anyone remember HK Crusaders?


I vaguely remember your name but definitely would not have been involved with any Christian Group!  carol

Hello everybody

I'm not a KGV-er nor from the '60's but I did go to the Peak School, and the little one also, up to 1958 when I, like, many others, went to school in the UK. We lived at 119 The Peak, opposite Jardine's Bridge, and so going to the Peak School was a doddle: out from the back gate and there was the entrace to the PS. I think the gate is still there.

BUT the point is that I started to read the blogs about KGV yesterday morning over breakfast and so many names came up. Very many memories from the good old days of HK indeed. Not many men are on the blogs so I'll happily say "g'day Killer in Perth, and hope that you're still hitting off the tee as long as before Chris". HeHa. 

Yes they were great days and as youngsters we would not have appreciated the experiences to be be able to have today. Ah well. Many of us and families have gone but without doubt, there are still so memories left. So many names: Dorothy Kilbee, Diana Kite (now Hutcheson), Kiki Rasmussen (now Bolsarra?) and brother Peter, Peter Cotton, Beverley and Merrilyn Stewart, the Ward  sisters and the Edmond brothers, Sean and Sarah Watson and plus plus.

We have been in France since leaving Singapore in 1992 for Italy but ended up happily in France, near Toulouse, instead. 

David, you give us oldtimers the chance to relive memories. Thanks so much.

Best to everybody


Yes, Carol (or should I say Goughie? wink), that is you in the corner of the photo!

We used to bump into one another at a number of parties in the old days laugh