Milestones around Hong Kong

Submitted by Gerry Hibbert on Wed, 04/06/2011 - 10:54

I been looking at these for a while, so decided to start a record.

The table below shows the ones I've identified on maps, those definitely missing, and photos of milestones I've seen so far. Will put up the photos later. Table updated Oct 20.


Hong Kong Milestones            
Route   Map Photo Missing Location Type  (Concrete Except) Notes
Clearwater Bay Road              
  Start MS not shown , maybe Star Ferry?            
  Pak Shek Wo 7          
  Ta Kwu Ling 8          
  Shaw Studio 9 9        
  Silver Strand 10   X      
    10.5 10.5     Granite   
  Hang Hau 11 11     Granite   
    11.5 11.5     Granite   
  Mang Kung Uk 12   X      
    12.5 12.5     Granite  Fallen
  Tai Hang Tung 13 13        
Hirams Highway to Saikung              
  Start from equivalent point on CWBR            
  Nam Wai 9 9        
  Ho Chung   9.5        
  Pak Wai 10 10        
  Pak Sha Wan   10.5        
  Tai Ho Tun 11 11        
  Pak Kong 11.5 11.5        
  Lui Ka Tsz   12        
  Sai Kung 12.5 12.5        
Fanling to Sha Tau Kok              
  Luen Wo Hui 1   X      
  Lau Shui Heung Rd 2   X      
  Robins Nest Road 3   X      
    4   X      
  Brides Pool Road 5   X      
  Sha Tau Kok (Closed Area) 6   X      
Kam Tin Road              
    1  1        
    2  2        
    3    x      
    4  4        
Fan Kam Road              
  Pat Heung 1    x      
    2    x      
    3    x      
    4 4        
  Castle Peak Road (34/35)            
Route Twisk              
  Assume starts from equivalent point on CPR (TW)            
  Tsuen Wan 9          
    12    x      
    13 13        
    14   x      
  Shek Kong 15    x      
  TWSK to Tai Mo Shan 1/2   x      
Star Ferry/ Nathan Road/ Castle Peak Road / Taipo Road  On maps, these run 'clockwise', but there are some references to the opposite direction.!            
  Nathan Road (Waterloo Rd) 1          
  Nathan Road 2          
  Castle Peak Road 3   X      
  Castle Peak Road 4   X      
  Castle Peak Road (M5/M51.5) 5 5       back: 51.5
  Castle Peak Road 6   X      
  Castle Peak Road (Kwai Chung) 7   X      
  Castle Peak Road (Tsuen Wan) 8   X      
  Castle Peak Road (Tsuen Wan) 9   X      
    10   X      
    11   X      
    12   X      
  Castle Peak Road (Tsing Lung Tau) 14          
  Castle Peak Road (Wong Uk) 16   x      
    17   x      
  So Kwun Tan) 18   x      
  Beach) 19   x      
  Dragon Inn 19.5   x      
  Tuen Mun) 20   x      
  Tuen Mun) 21   x      
  Yuen Long) 25          
  Yuen Long) 26          
    32    x      
  Kwu Tung 33    x      
    34    x      
  Sheung Shui 35          
  Fan Ling 36          
  Wo Hop Shek 37          
  Tai Po 40          
  Island House 41          Back 11.5
  Tai Po Kau 42          
  Chinese Uni 44   x      
    45   X      
  Ho Tung Lau 46   X      
  Wo Che 47   X      
  Tai Wai 48   X      
  Tai Wai 49   X      
  Tai Po Road 50   X      
  Kowloon Reservoir 51   X      
    51.5 51.5     Granite Back 5
  Tai Po Rd (So Uk) 52   X      
  Tai Po Rd (Magistracy) 53   X      
  Tin Kok Rd 1   x      
    2   x      
    3 3     Granite  
  Mui Wo         Start  


    3/4 3/4        
    1   x      
    1 1/4 1 1/4        
    1 1/2 1 1/2        
    1 3/4 1 3/4        
    2   x      
    2 1/2 2 1/2        
  Pui O 3          
  Cheung Sha 4          
  Tong Fuk 7          
  Shek Pik 9          
    12.25 12.25        
    12.5 12.5        
  Tai O (before) 13  13        
  Tai O  ?(unreadable            
  Tung Chung  (Pier)         Start  
  Cheung Sha 5          
Total (at 8 Oct 12) 123 27 49      


Gerry - are you still doing this? I found # 45 along Tai Po Road ealier today next to Ma Liu Shui and was quite surprised it was still there. It had the #45 on one side and 11.5 on the other on the southbound side of the road.

11.5 Mile Stone, Tai Po Road


11.5 Mile Stone, Tai Po Road


Cheers, Phil

My mother used to drive a carful of children, me included. to 17 miles beach, (as was) in the early fifties.  The milestone was the only identifying mark.   After a few seasons we moved on to 19 mile beach because 17 mile had become too popular. The road ran alongside the beach with sand up to the tarmac.  I have identified the beach on Google earth from the boulders at the Western end, still visible.

Thanks for prompting the memories.

Stephen Roberts

Phil.  I have recorded some more, and hope to walk the rest of the routes soon. Castle Peak Rd is quite barren!, although there is another "double sided"ms at 5 & 51.5.  ........I would like to put locations on a map, but have yet to work out how to do it.

Cheers, Gerry 

Hi Gerry

I believe I also located the remains of the 16 mile stone (#40) in Tai Po next to the old bungalow (now the N.I.S). It was lying on its side on the grass verge and had no visible markings but had a very distinguishable triangular shape. I'll put some pictures up later.



P.S If you add your milestones as a "place" as David did for MS 17 and 19 etc, then we can build up an interactive map of them all here on Gwulo. I've also done it for #45 and #40 and have added both the Milestone & milestones tags (not sure if we should get rid of one of these tags though...any thoughts David?)

Phil, I've just merged the Milestone tag into milestones - sorry it has taken me 8 years since your comment!

Gerry, I agree it will be useful to be able to see the old maps when we're creating a Place. In the next few weeks I'll ask for suggestions for new featiures, so please add that to the list.

apologies Gerry, I missed your question earlier in the year. I may have a picture (of what I thought might be #16) and will dig it out. I haven't been in that area for a few years so it may have gone a long time ago.


In the list of milestones at Node 8603,  and at Node 54415, the internal cell borders do not display.  However, if I download the page html and open it in Firefox, then the borders display correctly.  The HTML of these pages shows <table border="3" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="3"> which should be ok, so maybe something in the "script" or "style", both of which are a mystery to me




It great that we now have mapslider, it helps a lot to find old places. However, having them we need to add location; the base map for this is quite helpless. Could be replaced with "slider" maps or even Gov maps. I'm sure this on your list