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KIL4030 [????- ]

Current condition: 

The lot number differs from the record shown on GeoInfo Map.

Photos that show this place



Hi Lo,

That likely means, the marker was for a previous lease and already expired.


Thanks. Is there any way to check the previous lot number?

Hi Lo,

I believe so as the Lands Office should have such records unless they are lost during the war years.  You likely have to pay up for such records if they exist, like what you would do checking on the existing deeds before buying a flat in the second hand property market.

I don't know the details of how the enquiry works, however.


The 1896 map on Gwulo gives the lot number as KIL 617. This lot included a larger area than the present Rosary Church. The Rosary website refers that already in 1901 a small predecessor of the current church was built on the Canossian missionary premises. It might be possible that the lot was split later and Rosary had its own lot. 

Maybe an interesting story, but unfortunately, it doesn't reveal the full number.

See these notes from ashchoi:

The lot number in the photo should be KIL4030.  The Rosary Church site was part of St Mary's School (currently St Mary's Canossian College) site in 1900.  The site was originally Kowloon Garden Lot 38 in the 1870s & 1880s, but was converted to KIL617 in 1890.  The School and the Church shared the same lot number until the 1930s when Rosary Church was given a separate lot number KIL4030.  The lot number was further changed to KIL9350 in 1964.

Millions thanks for forwarding such great details.

Here is a photo taken in 2018 showing both lot numbers KIL617 and KIL4030.



 Which street do they face? Perhaps I can go there to check their present status.

Rosary Church adjoins St Mary's on both its northern and western sides, so the boundary walls at the eastern end (facing Chatham Road) and the southern end (facing the alley adjacent to the Kimberley Road cul-de-sac) have the lot boundary stones.  The stone(s) facing Chatham Road may have been damaged due to renovation works over the past decades, but the stones facing the alley should still be there.

My picture of the stone was taken at Chatham Road. Went to check the cul-de-sac the other day for those two stones in your photo without success. I went in the lane off the gate of the school as shown in the link below

92 金巴利道 

... exit from here 

2 柯士甸路



The two lot boundary stones are still there. That part of the wall is covered with graffiti, but the stones are left intact. The picture below was taken today.  The alley's entrance is right outside the gate of St Mary's. 

Hi There,

So those two are between Kimberly Road (the vehicle entrence) and Austin Road in the west instead of between Kimberly Road and Chatham Road towards to east?  Kindly confirm.


I did enter the lane from next to the gate of the school, then come across quite some graffiti, turned right to exit next to a bar.

Are those stones near the gate or the bar, or the turn? At eye level or near the ground? 

There were some items here and there which might have blocked my view.

They are located at the alley between Kimberley Road and Chatham Road.  See the map below.  The red arrow is the location of the "damaged" lot boundary stones at Chatham Road i.e. the photo at the very beginning of this thread.  The blue arrow is the location of the two stones that are at the alley.