Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park [1947-1997]

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An article on page 3 of the Hong Kong Sunday Herald, 1950-04-02, "Laichikok Amusement Park to be expanded" notes that the park first opened in the summer of 1947"

"It began, exclusively as a swimming pavilion where the numerous bathing pools became the main attraction. Boating is another popular recreation in the park, which also boasts of a skating rink and attractive kiosks for meals and refreshments."

It said the expansion project would be finished by August:

"The elaborate project involves the erection of two stage and cinema theatres—one in the open air—a floating dance floor and a Fair Playground with "wheel" rides, coasters and merry-go-rounds."

Thanks to moddsey for finding this article.

Demolition date taken from the Wikipedia article about this park.

Photos that show this Place


This aerial photo was taken in 1947, about when the park was opened. I've marked the swimming pools in blue, roller-skating rink in purple, and pavilions in red. In the middle is a lake, with some small structure at its centre.



This photo from the 1950s shows the southern swimming pool at the right, and just the corner of the northern pool at the left. A large shiny building, highlighted in yellow, has been added in the lake, and many other buildings have appeared on the opposite side of the lake.



A 1957 map shows a similar layout, and that the north section of the lake has been filled in.



Another aerial photo from 1963 shows many changes: the swimming pools, roller-skating rink, and most of the pavilions are gone, and it looks as though the rest of the lake has been filled in.


Hi David,

Interesting photographs.  The large shiny building that you mention looks very much like the 'ship-shaped' building that appears on one of Malcolm Trousdale's photographs.

Unusual building.
Unusual building., by Malcolm Trousdale

  As far as I can see the pools that you have highlighted in blue on the map don't seem to have any sign of a springboard or the distinctive wall and roof(?) with the bamboo(?) growing through a hole in it.  I think that Peter's memory is accurate and that the springboard girl pool was at one of the houses way up on the hillside.  Andrew