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Charles WINTER (aka Chuck) [????-????]

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Charles Winter was a Seventh Day Adventist missionary and teacher who, at the time of of the Japanese attack in December 1941 worked at, and perhaps ran, a school in the Clearwater Bay area.

He became a volunteer driver for the Medical Department during the fighting, and continued in this role after the surrender, living in the French Hospital as one of the health workers in Selwyn-Clarke's 'team'. He was repatriated on the Asama Maru in late June 1942.

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"... 40 acres of land were bought at Clearwater Bay." fits well with 三育中學 - they had a big chunk of land, extending from the peninsula between the two 相思灣 beaches, across 清水灣道 & up to nearly the top of the ridge line.  The boundary of the land on the uphill side of the road can still be seen on Centamap.





Kpl: thanks for putting in the correct link. Yes, I think he must have taught at (my source says 'ran') the school that was the forerunner of today's instititions. I don't know though if he joined them in south China or after the move to Hong Kong.

Would be a shame if somebody else missed a good read because of an inadvertent cut & paste error...


I know it as 三育中學 as that is what everybody seemed to call it in the early 90s, when the Church did a deal with Superman to get #2 Son going (to the detriment of 上洋).  I would imagine that wasn't what it was known as previously & sadly I can't recall what a late friend who built a house further down 清水灣道 in the early 60s called it - but I do recall his grumbling about having to pay for CLP to run power past the then-end of the road at the school (to the benefit of everybody further along 清水灣道).



Find a Grave Memorial but the grave clearly shows 1982 as date of death

... from county records, Charles Ernest Winter was born in Colorado on September 9, 1914 to Ernest E. Winter of Germany and Christina Senning of Colorado. He married Betty L. Schaefer and died on June 22, 1983 (?). He lived 234476 University in Loma Linda and was a professor at Loma Linda Unversity for 43 years. He died in Riverside, California.

Passenger List arriving New York on Gripsholm 25 August 1942

Charles Winter age 27 married born Colorado Springs 9 September 1914

Written in pencil alongside his name is the word HOLD. Presumably he was held and then registered for WWII Draft.

US WWII Draft Card Maryland USA

Charles Ernest Winter age 27 years Address and employer  Genl. Conf, 7th Day Adventists Takoma Park Mont. Md Date of Registration 31 August 1942

California Death Records

Charles Ernest Winter born 9 September 1914 Colorado. Died 22 June 1982 

Find a Grave

Charles Ernest Winter 1914 - 1982

Betty L Winter 1915 -2010


Grave is 22nd June 1982

Thanks for the correction. 1982 is most likely the correct date.