N.K.I.L. 1382 [1930- ]

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This lot is deliminated by Inverness, Dumbarton, and Grampian Roads. It was likely sold in 1930 when in this area middle-class European houses were built. Many of these were pairs of detached houses with mirrored plan, probably built in the early 1930s, when Art Deco style was at its peak.

On this lot, Houses 45 - 47 Grampian Road (Sun Hok Building), today Bethel Bible Seminary, was built.

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Hi David, you are right, KIL 1382 was sold in 1919. But this one is a Kowlooon Inland Lot, while the post relates to New Kowloon Inland Lots. I searched the Public Works Reports and found many sales of NKIL's with numbers from 1300 to 1400, but 1382 was missing. Regards, Klaus

Addendum: the adjacent lot NKIL 1587 was sold in August 1931, the NKIL 1382 is mentioned there.

If I go to https://sunzi.lib.hku.hk/hkgro/index.jsp and search for New Kowloon Inland Lot, the results are mostly land sales of these lots, and though there are many numbers missing the lot number increases over time.

So NKIL 1382 isn't shown but NKIL 1374 was sold on 19 May 1930 and NKIL 1387 was sold on 10 June 1930, suggesting that NKIL 1382 was sold sometime between those dates.