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Sek Kong HMArmy Camp

Hi Everyone, I served with 14 Regiment Royal Artillery @Sek Kong camp 1960/62, I am trying to find out what Regiment replaced 14 Regiment when we left for UK 1962, any info would be much appreciated, thanks.


I was in the Police stationed in Yuen Long and I recall the RA Regiment for for the 45 Brigade was the 25th Regiment . But its a long time ago and I was stationed in Yuen from 1965 to 1968.

Are you sure about 45 Brigade? I seem to remember it being 48 (Gurkha) Infantry Brigade.


Just for clarity, I was based in the camp which was opposite the  area where the swimming pool and Globe Cinema were that is across the airstrip.We were moved to transit camp Kowloon to await HMT Oxfordshire docking where I assume the Regiment that was heading to Sek Kong would disembark

I made web enquiries regarding which Artillery Regiment went to Sek Kong after us but drew a blank.

Just researched 25 Regiment RA, they were not in Sek Kong until 1969-71

18 Regt was at Sek Kong at that time ( 18,40 and 52 btys) I was at 50 Command Wksps in Shamshuipo.


Just checked the 18 Reg RAweb site tells me they were not in Sek Kong camp until 1966

Correct it was the 48th(Gurkha) Infantry Brigade.

I can'r find a RA regt in Sek Kong  at that time but 4 Fld were at Fan Ling. 1961 to 1964


I refer you to military wiki link below - click on Royal Artillery.  The answser is probably 4 Fd Regt RA or 34 Lt AA Regt RA - both were there in 62/63

British Forces Overseas Hong Kong | Military Wiki | Fandom (

Hi, Did you ever visit the bars/pubs in Kam Tim as a policeman or socially.

Yes. 48th Infantry Brigade

6 bars at that time. Best of all Kwong Yick Restaurant, opposite the Police Post and next to the Pak Kau College. Every Wednesday night, Dick Ngar (Tina Leung) would take a Hung Pai 紅牌 (Hire car) to be a guest waitress (Bar Girl) from President Hotel,  Kowloon. (Now the iSquare)

Back in 1960/62 there was 3 bars in Kam Tin, the Kam Tim Restaurant at the Sek Kong end and 2 at the Yuen Long end