Tat Tak [????- ]

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Described in the 1950 Military Installations Closed Areas document as "The camp known as Tat Tak in the place locally known as Fong Yuen, San Hui, and including Lots Nos. 153 and 154 in D.D. 131."


Tat Tak, the formal name is Ta Te Institute達德學院, founded by Zhou Enlai and Dongbiwu from Chinese Communist Party in 1946. The school premises was a villa owned by general Ts'ai T'ing-k'ai called Fong Yuen (芳園). Most of the school premises were demolished, and only Morrison Building, declared monument of Hong Kong, left. Ta Te Institute was just like the Soviet School to spread CCP propaganda. It was closed in 1949 by the order of Sir Alexander Grantham as it violated Education Ordinance at the moment.