Wed, 12/23/2020 - 12:05

It's found lying at the bottom of the steps leading to LL14.


Date picture taken
22 Dec 2020


When I visited PB14 and the Lyon Light shelter above it in 2006, there was a great deal of undergrowth making it rather tricky to get up the flight of steps.  It's good to see that somebody has cleared the steps and, to some extent, the ground in front of the pill box.  In 2006 there was still a short section of the voice tube at the Lyon Light shelter that had connected the crew there to the men in the pill box.  I wonder if that is still there?  In his book, Not the Slightest Chance, Tony Banham records that the crew of both the pill box and the Lyon Light shelter could not be saved when the Japanese made a final attack.