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"Cash's Bungalow" [????-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists

[6 Apr 2017 - updated location of marker based on GW's comment below.]

Position is based on Philip's notes and map at: http://battleforhongkong.blogspot.hk/2015/03/erinville-and-cashs-bungalo...

Photos that show this place



At www.battleforhongkong.blogspot.hk/2015/03/erinville-and-cashs-bungalow-a... , Phil has posted a very interesting article about a recent visit to the site of Cash's Bungalow in which he nails down its location as the top of the mound to the north-east of the Tai Tam Crossroads. The present location of the "place" marker should therefore be moved.

The following photo, posted by Annilisec, is already on Gwulo and shows Cash's Bungalow in the distance;

Tai Tam Dam
Tai Tam Dam, by annelisec

It shows at least two buildings at the site, in the middle of the photo silhoetted against the sky. It's too vague to make out much detail. 

There's another distant pic of the bungalow here;

http://www.croiseur-lamotte-picquet.fr/index.php?page=hong (scroll down to "les environs de Hong Kong". It's on the right of the fourth row).

If I understand correctly it was taken by a French sailor in 1938 or 9. If you zoom in, the main building seems to have a long flat roof flanked by two distinct gables at each end.

Just a few years later, in 1946-7, Hedda Morrison took a photo from exactly the same place as the French photographer. As is often the case with Hedda's pics, accessing them is troublesome - but they're such high quality that it's always worth the effort. Go to the Harvard Uni site at:


then type "tai tam" in the top line of the search boxes, which gives you about 6 or 7 pics to choose from, of which the second one is the one you're after. Zooming in on the Bungalow shows it's now a roofless shell. But the profile of the building has changed too. Although roofless, now the side facing the camera contains three small triangular gables, plus the two larger ones at each end.

Either Cash's Bungalow was renovated or remodeled after the Frenchman's photo in 1938-9 and then damaged during the 1941 war, or it was being extensively renovated in 1946-7 when Hedda took her photo. 

Sorry for all the links that make this difficult to follow. 



1930s Tai Tam Dam - Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir
1930s Tai Tam Dam - Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir, by Moddsey

Thanks for the extra info & photos. I've moved the marker to the correct location.

Does this house belong to Johnny Cash, the famous 50's singer?

The Mr Cash who owned this bungalow was Albert Iveson Cash. You can read about him at http://battleforhongkong.blogspot.com/2015/03/erinville-and-cashs-bungal...