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Where was 1 Park Road?

The current Park Road begins with number 25 on the odd number side of the road but 2A on the even number side. Does anyone know why? I know the late Mr Fung Ping Shan owned a house at 1 Park Road and am interested to find out its location. 


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It might be the pre-decessor of the present day Parkview Court.  I have a friend living there right now and he heard some oral stuffs from an elder that it used to be a big house.  I guess one of the old maps here had illustrated it somehow.  But the number of the current site is 1 Lyttelton Road.  Don't know if the number had switched streets.  All further information\corrections welcomed.


Hi David you may wanna check out link below, theres a picture of the house & some brief introduction

House seems to be pretty big in size and is close to St Stephen's Girl's College


1 (and 3) Park Road was originally a house called Ravenshill, today the site of Parkview. There is a place & photos for it on Gwulo here.  It was previously part of Robinson Road but became Park Road on 2nd February 1904 

Dear All, many thanks for your valuable information. The questions on when and why 1 Park road became 1 Lyttelton road however remain. I couldn't find anything in the internet on Lyttelton road or Park road that can provide me with an answer. I was thinking - as the St Stephen's Girls' College moved to the current location at around 1923 and dominated the front part of Lyttelton road, could it be the wish to include the entire complex into a single address at 2 Lytteltion road the triggering point for the change? This might explain why 1 Park road became 1 Lyttelton road and If so, the change should take place in the 20s or after. A pure guess.

Could 1, Park Road have been Euston Castle owned by Tycoon Eu Tong Sen (one of 3 Castles he built when he moved to Hong Kong). It was grand turreted castle with over 60 rooms, expansive gardemns, over 36,000 sq feet and was centered opposite the School, on what is now 6, Park Road (Euston Court) and spread up to Lytellton Road. Could this have been 1, Park Road ?

No. One Park Road was at the junction of Littlton Road & Park Road, across from the back side of St. Stephen's Girls College.When I was a teen-aged boy, I used to play tennis with Fung Ping Fun's sons, Lawrence, Robert, Kenneth & Cyril there.Diagonally across from No.one is no. 2 Park road. The owner of the big house was Mr. Choy Hing, part owner of The SunCo. , Sincere Co. department stores.To the right of no.2, is back entrance to Breezy Terrace. Next to that, was the back side of Mr. Yu (Eu) Tung Shuen's castle.The castle' address was Bonham road.

Wai Wor Phoon.