Lei Yue Mun Gap Beacon (southern shore - A Kung Ngam) [1924- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Lei Yue Mun Gap Beacon (southern shore - A Kung Ngam) [1924- ]

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In use
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c.1924-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)

According to Dr Stephen Davies, the pair of lights (88 and 89) on either side of Lei Yue Mun were first erected in 1902 as unlit markers after becoming British Territory. Lights were added by 1924 (they were both shown lit on a 1923 chart).

Both lights were rebuilt in 1964. Old Lists of Lights described the original structures as pillars with 89 being painted in red and white checkers and 88 painted in black and white checkers (as seen in the 1957 photo). Today, 89 is a red tripod structure while 88 is a green pillar with the light supported by a tripod.

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There were other lights in the Lei Yue Mun area which do not exist today.

-Original 1902 Lyemun Beacon (was built lit but light removed by 1913)

Currently the no. 5 lighted beacon is located where the old Lyemun Beacon used to be

-Light on joss house on the north shore of LYM

The administrative reports for 1924 says that both lights on the north and south of LYM were first exhibited on 1st July 1924.


The 1923 chart mentioned included corrections up to 1925, hence including both lights at LYM.