#41 Cumberland Road [????-2019] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

#41 Cumberland Road [????-2019]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists
Date Place demolished: 



Lot No: NKIL 740
Lease Term: 75 Years renewable for 24 years commencing 01/07/1898
Share of the lot: 41 Cumberland Road

Owner Date of Instrument Date of Registration Consideration
So Tak Yu - - -
Tung Ki Hing 29/07/1941 01/08/1941 $22,000.00
Wong Yut Sen 03/12/1946 04/12/1946 $35,000.00
Tsie Ling 28/07/1970 25/08/1970 $350,000.00
Lo Yuen Enterprise Ltd 02/08/1972 21/09/1972 $665,000.00
Wimborne Company Ltd 16/09/1974 15/10/1974 $850,000.00

NB: Can't find any mention of the original completion date but the property incumbrances details a mortgage being taken out by Chiu Kit Nam in August 1930 for $18,000.00.

The building itself was named "the Crane's nest". Built in early 1970s, 2 storeys with a garden.
Best known as Bruce Li's last residence, it was turned into a motel after Bruce Li's  occupancy.

The video in the link shows a rare look of Bruce Lee's home back than

Pictures of the interior found online

The house was one of the original European villas so predates the 70s by about 40 years.