Leung Cheung Road-new flyover

Thu, 05/21/2015 - 02:38

The 1960s flyover on Leung Cheung Road which was such an icon that it was even depicted in postcards at that time shown here http://gwulo.com/atom/20940 was drastically rebuilt in the 1990s as part of the new airport's infrastructure projects. This view is looking towards the west. The downhill roads are going to Shamshuipo. By the look of the view I may have taken this from the top deck of a bus.

Date picture taken
15 Jun 1995


This is a great picture. I live very nearby (in fact I cross the pedestrian bridge seen top left almost everyday) and used to ride my motorbike here all the time. The finished flyover has another lane that sits between the two centre screen but dips down under the main road and into a tunnel to exit onto the southbound lane of Tai Po Road further down the hill. You can see it being constructed between the two lane where the white canopies are.

The old interchange mentioned by IDJ (and linked to in the comments) is located where IDJ was standing when he took the image - this makes me think that perhaps IDJ was standing on the old interchange bridge that was subsequently demolished (you can see it in the linked image)? The angle seems too high to have been taken from a bus.