4th Submarine Flotilla Rowing Team.JPG

Thu, 10/24/2019 - 06:55

This is the team photo of the 4th Submarine Flotilla rowing four who took third place in the race for the 4th Submarine Flotilla Cup in the Royal HK Yacht Club Regatta of March 1929. The team members are listed as GME Grove (bow); RLM Edwards (No. 2); W Woods (No. 3); GC Phillips (stroke); WR Fell (cox). 

The photo comes from the 1928-1929 album of WR Fell, the team cox, otherwise known as "Tiny" Fell, who is standing in the middle of the group. RLM Edwards was a co-officer on the submarine L3. He is pictured sitting to the left of Fell in the photo posted earlier by moddsey of the L3 team who had won the Submarine Cup (China).

Date picture taken
23 Mar 1929