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Vietnamese Influx into Hong Kong 1979

In 1979 more than 60,000 Vietnamese refugees arrived at Hong Kong's sea boundary. In a talk with Annemarie Evans on RTHK's Hong Kong Heritage, I describe what it was like as a frontline Marine Police officer tasked to deal with the influx. The programme link is here:


Les has uploaded several photos he took of the Vietnamese refugees in their boats:

VBP 1.jpg
VBP 1.jpg, by Les Bird


VBP 2.jpeg
VBP 2.jpeg, by Les Bird


VBP 3.jpeg
VBP 3.jpeg, by Les Bird


VBP 5.jpeg
VBP 5.jpeg, by Les Bird


VBP 6.jpeg
VBP 6.jpeg, by Les Bird


VBP 7.JPG, by Les Bird


VBP 8.jpg
VBP 8.jpg, by Les Bird


VBP 9.jpg
VBP 9.jpg, by Les Bird