Workshops between Navy's tidal basin and dry dock [c.1907-c.1975]

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The building is easy to spot, with high ceilings and a row of pitched roofs. It was built during the extension of the naval yard c.1907:

Naval Dockyard under construction
Naval Dockyard under construction, by G Warren Swire


Most of the naval yard's buildings were demolished soon after the dockyard closed in 1959, but the workshops lasted longer. They're shown at the top-left corner of this 1960s photo.

1966 HK Club-2.jpg
1966 HK Club-2.jpg, by Peter


I guess they were demolished in the 1970s to make way for the Prince of Wales building that was built on this site.

Photos that show this Place


The workshops were probably deleted earlier, see this photo attributed to 1963:

1963 HK 11 Harbour from Magazine Gap Road.jpg
1963 HK 11 Harbour from Magazine Gap Road.jpg, by John + Judith Mackay

The date of the photo seems quite ok (possibly also 1964) as the building under construction on the left side should be Prince's Building (1965-). 

Hi Klaus, I think the workshops were still standing in the two photos you posted. Here's a 1966 view, showing a taller building on the seafront, and the workshops behind it. The workshops nearest the tall building have a light-coloured roof, and the workshops further away have a dark-coloured roof. The two photos above aren't super-sharp, but seem to show the same pattern of tall building, light roof, dark roof.

Police Station and environs 1966
Police Station and environs 1966, by Peter Yeates Royal Navy Hong Kong Flotilla Collection