Lunch Wednesday 8 May ? | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Lunch Wednesday 8 May ?

I’ll be in town starting next week for a couple of weeks. Anyone care to do lunch again? I can offer the American club is a venue but I cannot promise no rain… Perhaps a Chinese restaurant would work better ...

I’m proposing 8 May, but certainly open to other dates that week.

I shall finally be able to show my prototype of the Hong Kong Rate Books  project. 



I'm free that day. The American Club in Exchange Square is good - easy to get to, and we can always eat inside if it is raining.

Any takers?  

Hi Annelise, Yes, count me in please!

would love to join

Would love to join! I'm new to this site but love reading up on the history of old streets, places and buildings here. If it's in central would be easier for me to join.

I would like to attend. Thank you. Les Bird

I'd like to join as well, if it's not too late.

Thanks kindly.

I've also had a message from Kim by email, so please include her too.

The more people who can come by 11.45 to stake our claim to a table, the better the table we can have  

Meet lift lobby level Exchange Square TWO near Cllassified cafe.


I'll aim to be there at 11:45. Geoff Emerson will join us too, and come up at around 12.

For anyone running late, what's the easiest way for them to find us?

Text me at 5107 1362

Hello - are we eating at classifieds? I can only leave at 12 so will be there at 5 or 10 past. Pls let me know where to find you guys . Thanks!

In American Club. Please text when you are at Ckassified. 

Great thanks!


I’m by classifieds! 

On my way

Sorry to be late.  Was stuck in a meeting.  Coming over now 

Wish I could have stayed longer.  I always enjoy the stories and the sharing.  Thanks very very much!!

Thanks to Annelise for arranging this - it's good to catch up, and also to meet Dave and Tucci.

Regards, David

I'd also like to add thanks to Annelise for organzing this. It was a pleasure to meet everyone.